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November 27,2014

Leaders of Various CSO Networks and CSA Visit the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

Leaders of NGO networks and CSA visiting the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

Heads and representatives of various CSO/NGO networks and key staff members of Charities and Societies Agency (CSA) visited the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on November 23, 2014.

The participants of the visit visited the different parts of the project which will generate 6000 Mega Watt upon its completion. During a meeting they held after their visit, the heads and representatives of the NGO networks said that they could see how big the project is and how much money is needed to complete constructing it. And they agreed to mobilize their member organizations so that they could contribute more money for the construction of project.  It was disclosed on the occasion that CSOs have so far contributed over 37 million birr for the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. As a long term commitment, the NGO network leaders further agreed to work together and strengthen their partnership with the government to develop Blue Nile catchment areas by constructing various soil conservation structures and planting trees to ensure the sustainability of the dam by decreasing sedimentation and floods.

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam under construction


Positive Re-framing Said to Be Crucial for NGO Leadership

Senior Regional Advisor of Marie Stops International, Getachew Bekele, underlined the need for positive re-framing of NGO leadership in the current changing environment.

Some of the Participants

During his presentation at the fourth CCRDA Leadership Forum workshop held in Bishoftu town from November 6-7, 2014 with the theme, “The Role of NGOs/CSOs Leadership in Current Changing Environment”, Getachew said NGO leaders need to examine themselves closely to lead change itself. He said NGO leaders have to ride the turbulent wave and navigate in the sea of change rather than being swept away by the change. He emphasized the need to put the “re-” prefix in front of many familiar words and put them into practice. He underlined the need for re-positioning, re-imaging, re-branding, re-defining, re-learning, re-shaping, re-thinking, re-learning, and re-prioritizing, among others, to cope up with the current, what he called, “exponential change.”


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