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Facilitation of Members Programmatic Alliance through CRDA Forums and Regional Platforms

CRDA will engage in the facilitation of members' programmatic alliance mainly by using CRDA forums and regional platforms as a readly available opportunity. As an innovative strategy, this will in turn trigger the vibrancy of CRDA platforms so that tangible results will be obtained from the CRDA forums and platforms on relevant programmatic issues. Moreover, it will enhance the partnership with the government by way of serving as a base for continuous dialogue. It will also serve as a leverage for the forums' excelling in the selected issues and graduating into independent networks.

In this context, CRDA forums will be reconstituted by the CRDA member organizations to form, among others, CRDA's arms for influencing sectoral policies through research and informed dialogue. Given the new legislation, non-CRDA member organizations may join the CRDA forums if they have objectives commonly shared with the CRDA member organizations that constitute a particular forum. Non-CRDA forum members should also accept to become CRDA's arms for impacting on policy. CRDA forums will be reorganized not only on the basis of membership composition, but also thematically or sectorally around more specific issues as well. This will make the CRDA forums more focused for an engagement in those specific areas.

Last Updated on Thursday, 14 April 2011 23:14  

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